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Gary Numan

Intruder Download


Release Date: May 21, 2021

The Gift
I Am Screaming
Is This World Not Enough
A Black Sun
The Chosen
And It Breaks Me Again
Saints And Liars
Now And Forever
The End of Dragons
Saints And Liars Alt. Mix

Betrayed 4:42 Bundle Only
The Gift 6:07 Bundle Only
I Am Screaming 3:53 Bundle Only
Intruder 4:24 Bundle Only
Is This World Not Enough 5:25 Bundle Only
A Black Sun 5:40 Bundle Only
The Chosen 4:44 Bundle Only
And It Breaks Me Again 4:46 Bundle Only
Saints and Liars 4:01 Bundle Only
Now and Forever 5:57 Bundle Only
The End of Dragons 5:12 Bundle Only
Saints And Liars Alt Mix 4:44 Bundle Only